Best fireproof document bag – Fundamentals Explained

Most safes happen to be fire resistant and not fireproof.

The underwriter’s laboratories rate the safes which are resistant to fire. So be sure to test the UL rating because it tells you more about the specific rating earned by the security safes. The rating of ½ hour-UL class 35 provides protection from temperature of 1550 degrees for 30 minutes. Similarly, the rating of 1 hour-UL class 350 can withstand 1700 degrees for 1 hour. Using this guide of UL you can choose the suitable fireproof you desire. After deciding the extent of protection you require for your valuable documents, look for good manufacturers in the market offering all types of fireproof safes for both commercial and residential purposes.

You can rate the safes depending on the duration till they can provide protection your valuable possessions in a fire at various temperatures. For example, the class 3 fire resistant safes can protect documents from a 1700 degree temperature for an hour at least. A class 2 safe is resistant to 1850 degrees of fire for more than two hours and a class 1 can resist fire of temperature of 2000 degrees for several hours.

In order to protect computer documents like compact disks and floppy disks, you need to purchase a specialized safe. The cost of small sized fireproof safes starts from 50 dollars. For bigger sizes of safes you need to pay more. The large sized fireproof safes cost around 200 dollars. However the expensive fireproof safes are usually purchased for commercial purposes. In order to understand the different types of fireproof models available in the market, you should first create a list of the things that you want to be safe and most important is to pay heed to the heat and fire resistance information. It helps you to select the type and size of the security safe you require. A security safe’s claim that it is fireproof does not guarantee its indestructibility. So buy the one which fulfills your term of safety. Investing in fireproof safes may seem costly once you start comparing the models but it actually provides you lifetime benefit by protecting against theft, smoke, waterFeature Articles, heat and fire.