Fire Safety Stores- The Benefits

Perhaps the simplest example of home security software is in the remote phone calling program. This only consists of a few lines of code, but its usefulness to the homeowner cannot be overstated.


Crime usually happens when nobody is around to witness the event. Intruders prefer to avoid being caught or arrested by choosing times when a home is empty and unguarded, and being as covert as possible. For the most part it works; the only time you are aware of what has happened in your home is when you return. And unfortunately by this time the robbers have taken what they want and are miles away. If you would like to learn more about this, visit their website at astoriasafetystores.

Not to worry, if you are planning a burglar alarm system there is a steadfast one that can circumvent this possibility from ever happening to you. Namely: motion detector home security. It works on an infrared beam. Its sensors are placed in the areas in your home that you want to protect. It will detect movement both horizontally and vertically and can ‘see’ a very large area.

Once you have armed the motion sensor it is ready to activate the moment motion is detected or, in other words, when the system has been breached by someone breaking the beam. The software sets off your alarm siren but also dials a preset phone number from the telephone of your choice. You can enter up to 5 numbers and each number will be called in sequence which will advise the receiver of what is happening. First you need to record the message that will be delivered.

Remote Access

Remote access allows you the ability to gain access to information from a distance. Usually related to computers, remote access uses a modem, simple software, and a telephone to dial into a network. A remote home security system works on the same precepts except it does not need a modem; the software dials a number and relays a message to the person on the other side.

Ease of Use

This motion detector home security system is designed to detect intruders in or outside your home. It is a fairly new step in home safety that will save money and the bother of having to install a fully wired security system, or even a wireless system. It will protect your home while you are away, no matter when or for how long.

Battery Backup

This simple software system has several features. Apart from being able to record messages and dial numbers, this system also has the capability of housing hardware – a built in flash memory that protects your data in the event of a power failure, so you won’t lose your message or your numbers, and it will still work, so even if a burglar manages to cut the power to your home, the system will remain active.

It requires only a few AAA batteries for operation and can be plugged into your existing telephone line. This system can be mounted on the wall of your choice.

With this home security equipment, a remote phone becomes your sentry and you can leave your home each day knowing that you are protected. This may be a wise investment for a homeowner. You can even leave your home for extended periods of time without having to ask friends to house sit for you, and if you program your number into your phone, you will be alerted immediately by your own recorded message in real time should there be a problem in your house.