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Mosura CRS Specialty Food is designed to enhance color of crystal red shrimp, red bee shrimps and other algae eater shrimps. Its mainly plant based contents is mixed with a small portion of wholesome brackish water crustaceans. The high plant based contents is responsible to enhance the color of crystal red shrimp, red bee shrimps and other shrimps, and the animal content is necessary for growth and reproductions.

In the wild, algae eating shrimps, get to eat small amount of animal contents, from fallen insects, dead larva and other dead aquatic livestock, hence we mix a small and right amount of animal contents into Mosura CRS Specialty Food.

Mosura CRS Specialty Food is enriched with multivitamins (including stablised vitamin C and stablised vitamin E) and minerals and fortified with the necessary vitamins and minerals for color display and proper molting,

Since Mosura CRS Specialty Food does not contain preservative, it is necessary to store them in cool and low humity place. To preserve the freshness and tastiness of the food after opening, we recommend to store an opened bottle in the fridge and draw a small amount to put in air tight box that is enough for a week of feeding.

This product is fairly new in the market and yet we receive many positive feedbacks in area of :
high palatability (fussy species are responsing to it, latest feedback and our from testing have showed Sulawesi shrimps like to eat them too)
enhancing red and white of crystal red shrimps and red bee shrimps
improve the color of neocardinal species like cherry shrimps and neon green

Note that: Mosura CRS Specialty Food does not contain large amount of kelp (marine algae, seaweed) as cheap fillers, though a small amount is used as it is rich in iodine.

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